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Pregnancy Support Pillow / U- Shape Maternity Pillow / Sleeping Support Pillow

Pregnancy Support Pillow / U- Shape Maternity Pillow / Sleeping Support Pillow

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What's a Pillow Pod?

The Pillow Pod Support Pillow is the softest, most comfy pillow you will ever own. It is specially designed to cradle your body and support your neck, hips and legs to promote a better, more comfortable sleep.

We use ultra-soft cotton paired with plush memory resistant polyester filling to help you reach the ultimate level of comfort in any position.

It is not only the best sleep companion, it also can be used throughout the day, reading a book or watching your favourite show. Either way we know you’re going to be comfiest in the Pillow Pod Support Pillow.

Why the Pillow Pod?

✔ Supports hips, legs and shoulders
✔ Alleviates pressure on spine
✔ Minimises aches and pains
✔ Improves blood circulation
✔ Prevents numbness
✔ Decreases swelling and discomfort
✔ Eases anxiety and stress
✔ Enhances sleep quality
✔ Perfect for anyone and everyone


Most people have only ever used a traditional pillow when sleeping. But, did you know that traditional pillows do not support your body properly which can be the cause of most of your sleeping issues. What if we told you there is a solution to getting a good night’s sleep!

With a custom design built by years of testing, we have figured out how to create the comfiest pillow that will support your body letting you get your best rest.

The Pillow Pod Support Pillow is a one size fits all product that has the dimensions of 130 x 70 cm, allowing plenty of room for you to relax and feel supported no matter your size.

It is made from the softest cotton and plushest memory resistant polyester filling so you can feel like you're cuddling a cloud!


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